This is an original post. First, let me say that this is not my first attempt at blogging or the first laptop on which I have typed a blog. Why does that matter? The laptop or desktop you are using to read this message is one that has probably become near and dear to you. You like the feel of the keyboard and trackpad or mouse. The screen is satisfying to your eyes and in general, the device feels like an extension of your hands and head. If you also use it for lots of writing, then it’s even more important that it looks and feels great to you. That’s what I mean. I like this little Latitude D510. It hits the mark for me. Now as for my blog today. It’s not this…

Instead, I want to write about how current technology extends our ability to express what we are thinking and facilitates organizing these thoughts in a common and coherent way. More important than organizing my individual thoughts, the expressions of millions of people are configured under singular conventions. Before microsoft, apple, and facebook, people had to develop their own creative method for expressing themselves to others in business, education, banking, and uh, relationships. Getting together and breaking up was done face to face and in your face, respectively for centuries. Then there came the paper written letter and the telephone calls–endless telephone calls…until the last one. Now, we feel criticized if we use a means outside of the ‘provided’ technological means to communicate. But we are the author not only of our own message but also our own mechanism for expressing that message. You get it?


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