Time to Engage

So it’s been many months since my last foray into the world of words (or at least my words). It is inevitable that time will dictate what you will do and what you will be. For many of us, we are only a shadow of what we wanted to become even in the eyes of others, let alone ourselves. I had a mission: to bring my people to the love of God as I, yes I, had experienced it. When did this happen? In my younger days -those times which seemed to drone on forever and are now remembered fondly, with a longing for their return. You say you make sacrifices for the one you love. How come they don’t see it that way. You find out that they still thought you were out for your own joy and satisfaction. OK, so then months and years pass. Don’t really mind if my motives are misunderstood; but there had better be victory at the end of this long slog. No victory you say? No promotion, no kind severance, no retirement account; nothing. Since I am so gd smart and knew all the noble moves to make, I’m left holding the bag, or box of my things as I move out of this office. It’s nobody’s fault but mine. I should have–no never mind. You learned something and are still alive to tell about it, in your own words. So for that I thank God. Has this happened to you? If so, let me know about it. I’m not asking out of misery, but it a survey to see how common disappointment is in year 12.

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