Today and Tomorrow

There was a day of opportunity that is just behind us now. It was 4/3/12. These are each such significant numbers that something about April 3 of this year begged to be relished. Easier still to remember (right now) is what that day was like for you and me, as it was only yesterday. So what’s in a day anyway? They come and go so quickly that we cannot really keep them, or hold them near to us for but a few hours. Not even is the sum of 24 hours available to us.The most precious thing I can recall probably took place over a span of minutes. All of those other hours were not lost–spent reading, writing, and speaking of things related to work, food, entertainment and sharing with other people.

The person whose day is spent with others for a love purpose has the richest of experiences in a day. There are more memories, emotions, questions, and Kodak moments. There are also words shared that reached into the depths of someone’s soul to comfort, confide, stimulate and touch them in a way they never felt before. A day can be filled with worry and uncertainty–thoughts of what is and isn’t and what may be. When there is doubt, there should always be a counterweight to it. Something that lets me know what is still guaranteed or promised to me. But is there such a promise that can balance the gravest of doubts or allay the most persistent anxiety? Yes, it is the love of God.

And while this seems a pat answer to many, if not most of those age-old questions, an adult has to know that the love of God is real. We forget this simple fact over and over and over again, because the daily encounters of our lives seem so much more real and important. But take a deep breath and ask yourself, do these pesky things constantly flying in my face really make up the total of my life’s value? There would be no sense if it did! The child will ask you one day, What was the point of all that we did and ran about, shouted about and cried about?” At the time, it seems that nothing else would ever matter, but that thing that we have, or wanted, or lost. The question is whether the value of a word, an embrace, a kiss or another gift is tied to the incorruptable and unchanging love of the Creator.

If we intend what we say and do to be a love offering for the sake of God, we are sending Him a gift of ourselves. It goes like this: love the visible, but seek the invisible. Know that His heart is open to your heart and my heart. And in reaching out in search of that love, we take care of those around us, His love will return to us many times over. My pastor used the analogy of a shovel. With my small shovel, I give love in honor of God, who is the source. Well, God returns love with his shovel. Now, it should be easy to understand that God’s shovel is so very much bigger that my shovel, right?
So the title is today and tomorrow. All we have is today; but there is a strong hope that tomorrow will come. I love you today, I pray, with the love that comes from the source. What good is my own tattered and uneven love to you? I’m sorry and I apologize. It would never be enough and it would never do for one as precious as you are. No, only love that comes from the wellspring of heaven should reach your delicate heart, giving you peace in spite of the storms that come. By grace, may God give true love to you, through my words, my touch, my kiss and embrace. For this I may pose as childlike and open-minded to you. To allow Christ to give me a clean heart, an honesty that welcomes your every appeal; that speaks to your eyes without the words of broken sounds that serve only the visible world. There is so much more, and I search you, knowing that what was planted in you and I so very long ago can bear fruit now, now that we have finally met. Today is the day I will give my heart and soul to you completely. And as grace abides, I will give them to you tomorrow too.

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