As Usual

As usual, it has been some time since posting on this wonderful service. Almost daily, I have a thought or thoughts that are strung together into an idea. These might be shared in conversation with co-workers or friends who allow me to call them from miles and miles away. More often, my thoughts or ideas are confined to my own mind and heart. Is no one interested; are there any ears to hear? Sure there are. It is my responsibility to find the listener, the reader, the audience for what has been given me to say. While no perceptible barriers exist to my exchange of ideas with the multitudes of participants on this or other web blogs, I have been blocked by an inner inertia. There is a dampening of passions that surround the making of a simple point. But I guess I am interested enough in the process to pursue the outing of a point of fact or observation, despite what barriers are self-imposed. So,  the lack of interest on the part of a range of audiences is of little effect on my desire. Admittedly, I have to keep moving, turning toward what appears to be a more receptive partner.

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