My October

Oh, it’s October now. I have been at work, on vacation and back at work again. At least the seasons are free to change–to display their power and beauty to a distracted audience. Can you imagine going for days without noticing changes in the sky, the trees on your street or your child. I want to see them everyday; let me marvel at their graceful motion, melodic tones, and unique sensations.

October is the month for harvesting a summer of fun and a year of learning. It is the tenth month already. Time to wrap up another year. Better put your things in order and get ready to see this year end and, if we are lucky, a new one begin. Leaves dangle and fall from the trees; they undress like beautiful and mature wives of loyal husbands. Nothing compares to the purity of natures display! Is a naked tress shameful. No. But to ignore what it reveals to my naked eyes shames me. It is the teacher I have requested, the counselor I have been missing; the friend who is always waiting. My ignorance of a resource would be scorned; yet let me ignore the grass, leaves, trees and people all around me–looking at my glass covered thing while walking on stone.

So when they say that someone pays for my excess in using light, heat, water, food and air for no particular purpose, I can at least take comfort in being oblivious to the fact. If it is so important, let the people in the glass tell me so; they are the ones whom I believe. Let them steer me back to religion or humane behavior or God-consciousness. If they do not, then I will not go. Or I’ll forget due to some distraction or other. Always something new coming out. But it’s not so new after all.

My October will be great as always. Looking up at the sky, wondering what the trees are thinking and doing, and letting the wind drive the leaves in a dance of the season. I feel a chill, but it is meant to wake me from the summer siesta and prepare me for the winter adventure, which is a metaphor for my old age.

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