It is necessary that one shares his thoughts in some manner or “format” so that he gets it off his chest or out of his system. The most poignant of ideas come at inopportune times. At least that’s most of my experience. So, seated here at this moment gives the chance to speak–to say what has crossed my mind right now. Each day makes demands throughout the hours, even minutes; and pauses allow for some reflection. But contemplation yields to interruptions taking myriad forms. 

Any moment is sacred. Moreover, each one who experiences a moment exists in sacred space. You see, time and space are always related. Scientists can explain it in their terms. I would say it this way: “Here and now is spirit.” The passage of a second, or a millisecond, or a nano requires a presence; and the existence of a point, a line, a plane or sphere assumes a time element. But the vortex is one beyond time or space. Not only is there no certainty of where or when transcendence can be perceived. There is no way to measure, verify or trace it.

Our cognition knows no bounds. Yet darkness prevails within. The limits are set by a broken heart, ceasing to turn, look up and wonder. How to do this in the midst of pain? The Origin and source of spirit is always connected to creation. So, this link is ultimate. 

Chance is a way of stating that we have lost our way and lack the confidence we should possess, come what may. Opportunity is created by the spirit using the time-space resource to realize that which is available to us, for us. Whatever the substance of the sacred gift, we need to prepare the spiritual receptacle for it. A thing needs a port to land.

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