Like the Wind

Whenever I come to WordPress, I relish the challenge of not knowing what I’m going to write; even the title is a mystery. But since I have clothes in the dryer, there is a limited amount of time to do this. The machine does not turn itself off; so I must pay attention to it. Once it was on–in the basement–for two days.

Many things we experience can be likened to a blast of wind: that sudden burst of invisible energy that can invigorate on the one hand, or knock us for a loop on the other. That call from the collectors whom I had not heard from in months it seems. Oh sure, I know they are never going away. It helps me know where I stand actually, to have them reach out to me once in a while. Between you and me, I’d very much like to oblige them as soon as I can. That’s just it; I can’t. Not without an improved cash flow. Now for a burst of fresh air…I heard from a friend of mine about his son’s marriage and his sweet daughter-in-law. To live to see that day, hunh? There are two angles to this joy–my old friend is happy, and things are going well for his family. That makes me feel great, and allows for letting go of present stresses.

There are more and more blasts of this kind in our uber-connected first-world. Some tweet their good news blast, some book it; then there are those who make a whole video presentation to report their news and wait for their ratings to pour in. In case you forgot, there is still the telephone–that best of the old inventions, which has kept loved ones in touch for generations. It is still in my opinion the best relationship building and sustaining mechanism ever, next to being in person. All of these instruments make their own type of music. A tweet is short enough to beg for melodic accompaniment. A book post is like a personal billboard; hope you “like” it. And video is, well, video–a perfect storm of visual, aural and verbal rain showering the viewer with whatever stuff you want to pour over them. Is it soft, or brutal? True or fictional? Full of insight and substance, or not? Either way, it is still coming at you.

We are constantly meeting this invisible force, a spiritual force, nearly every waking moment of our lives. Have you thought about how to handle all of this. Advertisers, friends, family and many other entities seem to want to blow their message your way, without end. And unless we consciously consider our options, it does not seem like a fair exchange. We will either succumb to all of the pushing to join a club, play a game, donate to save grass and trees or just go to a flash party for no reason of my own.

The wind is relentless and there’s an agenda associated with it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But shouldn’t you know? Then, if I’m ever asked, why did I accept, like, respond to, watch or otherwise participate in a thing, I actually have an answer. Also, I’m going to push my own wind; and I’ll look forward to your blow back.

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