Monthly Archives: January, 2013

Favorite Poem One

If there is a stone to throw and a pond to skip, we should both go. My mind wants to dwell on a thing to hold and watch, while talking to you. When we reach the edge of the fog on bikes made for hiking, let’s stop. To pick up stones and throw them across …

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What Now

Although there is much to gained by attending to the demands of the day, the question of what is most important (now) is a persistent one. Should the attraction of current events, be they of a political, economic or entertaining nature, dominate my mind and heart; or shall the will of God prevail over all. …

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The Quiet

Continuing on the path of restoration, I am still on the path of least resistance. It is easy for someone who wants to write to desire a quiet place to do it. You don’t miss it unless you don’t have it; and at the moment, I don’t have quiet. When you miss something and long …

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