The Quiet

Continuing on the path of restoration, I am still on the path of least resistance. It is easy for someone who wants to write to desire a quiet place to do it. You don’t miss it unless you don’t have it; and at the moment, I don’t have quiet. When you miss something and long for it, the imagination takes hold of the virtual object to extol its virtues. The quiet lets you look at the evening sky and imagine the strokes of an artist gifted with the grace of God to  render a view of glory for millions to see. But when I look to the horizon, its beauty seems just for me. The sky is available for all, but appreciated only by those who look up at it. The quiet can be found there. Peace can be found there, along with plans, a purpose and your preparation. There is also the circle of color moving from boundary to boundary–ok, from edge to edge across the arc. You have only to search for the welcome, such as is found in song, from instruments, keynotes and smiles. Behind these are food for thought, clothes for style and furnishings for presentation. The world gets bigger, then it gets smaller, as life goes on.

So how not to miss what really matters to me, amid the noise. Feel it is an outer boundary under your own dominion, coming from your position as microcosm of the universe, even a proxy. In this position, you have only to project your desire, searching for your contacts–like casting a net with many nodes that identify you. But do they identify you? First, I must be fully me. Then when this personality projects, it is viral, a strain that will make its imprint on any object it contacts. There must be substance in you today to access the quiet, to get to peace. Then make something of a relationship, make the substance of it great. Then peace will prevail in the midst of two or more. You are here; the noise is there. Something you need? First believe. Then start your search, reach for resources; just remember that you transcend the boundaries. Most all of them are conventional. When the unconventional comes, it changes what was/is common and accepted. That is why you being you, completely qualifies you to access your destiny and what comes with it.

What? I just said, If you are looking for something, you will find it. There is noise all around; but having a real objective opens the way to quiet for you. Next is how to establish your personality.


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