What Now

Although there is much to gained by attending to the demands of the day, the question of what is most important (now) is a persistent one. Should the attraction of current events, be they of a political, economic or entertaining nature, dominate my mind and heart; or shall the will of God prevail over all. There was a time when I was pressed into service and executed my duties with little stress, anxiety or concern for personal gain. By contrast, the relatively minor activities of each of these days pale by comparison in their challenge or import. Yet they tug at my patience and are even unnerving at times. Why? Because I have capitulated to the lesser material concerns of life without foreknowledge or prudence.

First therefore, is the task of identifying those areas of weakness and division, which have served to compromise faith and diligence toward the Divine Will. Compare the acts of the restorative pioneer with those that muddle through days and nights searching for a sign, as we have always. Of course, the greatest of “signs” appeared to us, lived and prayed among us, taught us the standard of life in heaven (in both body and spirit); then he departed.

So our life–my life–takes the form of a meter. We are measured against the standard set before our eyes. It touched our hearts and sparked both inspiration and imagination, unlike what other generations knew. Look from within, if the tools obtain. Let the phenomena of my senses, even my sensibilities come to my remembrance. At what point on the spectrum of his divine life is my existence. Is there any room? And does it matter?

I submit it does. Simply because the thought is there. The ‘Ergo Cogito Sum’ is undeniable in the sentient and the spiritual being. But numb have I become in the pressing matters of the day. In the choices and selections–where to get lunch or coffee. All the futility of the mundane was cast on the spiritual, while the spiritualists watched. Then the thoughtless cast its short-sighted view of things on the thoughtful, the temperate. How grand is the irony that old foes, faith and reason, were both cast aside, while we embrace everything else. I said I had limits, but I don’t get to set the standard where no platform for standards exists. This is how you know when the end has really come. When not only does nothing matter; but there is really no way to ascertain value in time and space. I don’t think the devil himself thought this possible. This can only come from the extraordinary reach of a people lost.

How many are praying for our demise? The grief and sorrow we cause seems to have no end. We mean well; we apologize sincerely, then find new ways to corrupt and plunder. Most egregious, though, is the motivation. Combine the horror of horrors, the gory of gore and coldness of a recent killer. You will still have no comparison to the motives of one who rides the back of innocents to break them apart and remake them into living slaves. This is why hell comes. Spirits are enslaved by their passions, with no respite, save the Savior, who breaks the yoke of sin that has them bound. On earth, we are plagued with the life of the zombie, who is similarly yoked and controlled by an unspecified force. As long as selfishness is worshiped, the abyss we create will have no bottom.

Make no mistake, reason is gone. Faith is gone–each to its own hiding place. Who will search for them, wading through the sewage of insincerity and the milestone of membership? To what does the pilgrim belong? Where is his allegiance? He is cast adrift on the sea of despair, all ties severed, daily uncertainty, and total reliance on reason; or is it faith? No solace, save his Savior. He sharpens his skills and advances technology remarkably, because necessity has dictated he do so. What about faith? Faith is simply the venturing toward that which is yet unknown, yet unseen, not yet experienced, but fervently desired. Faith is the hand of reason’s discovery. His curiosity is not  quashed by his reason or faith. There is far more volume in the pilgrim’s life than any who have settled for the the world below.

So, what now? I have got to return to the pilgrim’s path, should grace allow. That high road beckons because the Savior walked it, talked it and even paved it for me.

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