Secret Notebook

Something in our dna carries the recollection of what our families have learned over many generations. These secrets are still important today; but they are masked by flourishes of technology treated and  chemically engineered veils. Sure, there is a use for all of this stuff. We have access to greater amounts of and, occasionally good quality information at a moments notice. Breaking news is always at your fingertips; but how helpful is it to have it instantly, every minute of the day? It does not have to be from the handful of trusted news sources that manage what we see and hear daily. Tweets are flowing in from friends and relatives who focus on self-distraction and personal entertainment constantly. Food is faster, of course. Where is it coming from and how is it made? I really don’t want to know how that poor potato was treated before it was cooked, salted and pressed into that little red box for me. As for the meat. Oh well, as we used to say when I was younger–you better pray over it.

However, the purpose of our finite lives evades many of us today perhaps more than it did our parents or their parents. I can’t say I know for sure, but what appears to be happening is that we do not interact as much with nature as they did. First you have to address the premise of existence before your date of birth and that after the date of death. Bummer, who wants to think about that, right. Like someone on your team asks, what if we do lose this game? Kick him off the team…now. Life and death are different though. I was born and will die. No, not right now (sorry). Still some writing left to do. If you slow down long enough to think about it, at least the question of what happens after death should be considered, or even if you believe that death is the end. Where did that notion ever come from? There is and has always been an abundance of evidence that we will never cease to exist. It is usually expressed indirectly or in symbolic ways, allowing some of us to pretend we don’t notice. Take my word for it, this life is only the beginning. At the same time, it is a critical step in laying the groundwork for our spirit selves that go on to live forever.

What if I don’t believe I have a spirit self. Um, well, it kind of does not matter. No pun intended. There is enough time to sort things like this out. Just stay tuned; keep an open mind. Perhaps we’ll get there together. The main thing to know for now is that the secret notebook and secret recorder is within you–likely functioning at thousands of frames per second. Your thoughts and actions affect every system in your body, including your reproductive, which will influence future generations. So how you treat yourself is very important. Your relationships are important; and then the fruit of those relationships is important. And yes, corny as it sounds, it’s all about love, both kinds–vertical and horizontal.

Vertical love involves where you came from (parents and their parents, all the way back to the first parent–Who is That?) Horizontal love has to do with how you treat those beside you. And since we are all miniature universes in constant motion, we have a profound impact on each other everyday. This complex dynamic has an influence on the bloodstream and other physical attributes. Moreover, our interactions impact our spiritual attributes. Why does this matter? Simple, because we are creating a body of work that will be measured at life’s completion. We are unaware that there will be a playback of our lives–my life and love will be compared to the standard of the origin of life and love. Sounds ominous. It is. But truth, guidance and education are offered out of sincere empathy for our plight and love from our original true parent. The bottom line is that there is a standard of love; and once we know better, it helps to do better. Let’s talk about this more soon.

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