The nonlinear is what makes life as interesting as it is, or should be. Our training has molded and shaped us in a way that makes it wholly possible for us to never recognize the spontaneous emergence of color, sound, beauty, resonance or opportunity. It is no wonder that we miss so much of the substance of virtue and celebrate its symbolism instead. Our personal aspiration is a passing dream in relation to the planned and deliberate actions of those on the nonlinear road.

Where is that road? Some have called it the road less traveled; others the path not yet trod. Through a field or forest, there is no discernible pattern. The obscure openings between weeds, stalks or trees extend their invitations, but we are not sure. Where will these steps lead me? Is it where I want to go. In fact, have I ever decided whither I should go.

Are there always suggestions in front of us? Advertisements of every kind reach out to bring us along the path that ostensibly leads to mutual satisfaction, with the finely printed disclaimers, if any. Moment by moment, we wile away hours, days, weeks and years. We no longer have months, actually. Seven days are seven times seven days–nearly two months, before we realize that  we are somewhere else now. Did you choose to be where you are right now; or did you just arrive here by other forces? How much of it did you control? What does your mind’s journal say? Computers have a ‘back in time’ feature that, if working, will put the device in the state it was in on some date in the past two or four months. So can you do the same thing? Why not.

The nonlinear is the what you decide it to be for you. But you will find out that cooperation with a wide range of human and natural forces are necessary to get you down that road. There must be an openness that gives others unfettered access to your mind and heart; and they will offer access to theirs. You will agree  on what to look for and how to determine if the chosen path is the right one for all parties–two being the best number. The best thing about this journey is that it will belong to you and you alone; like that of legends Lewis and Clark. You will know where, when, why, how and who. But what’s funny is that if the time comes to explain or share about this adventure, it will only be understood by others in linear terms.

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