Without Delay

Without Delay

The thought, the thought

has come to me

to free these words

and let them be

While looking at

a site online

the thought occurred

to spend some time

just writing words

upon this page

and making fodder

for the stage

a poet’s rhyme?

no, to be sure

each word intends

to be so pure

now listen closely catch a phrase

that never happened on a page

oh take the brush and dip it slow

as if to write upon new snow

Is it a color

you favor most

or first did one

become your host

a canvas stares —

awaits your touch

to take new form

and become as much

A second moves

on times command

behold an oasis

on barren land

each stroke you make

on the canvas sheet

reveals a story

not yet complete

So paint a picture

without delay

to tell your tale

with words you say

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